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True Back Orthopedic Back Traction [2022 Review]

This post contains affiliate links. If your back hurts right now, just looking at the structure of the True Back traction device can make your back pain worse. Stretching your back when you’re in pain is not an easy decision. But: What if it really works? What if you could say goodbye to all that […]

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Comfortrac Cervical Traction Reviews – Does it Work?

This post contains affiliate links Is the Comfotrac Home Cervical Traction unit a good neck pain relief tool? is it safe? is it worth the price? Cervical traction at home is one of the best drug-free ways to relieve mild to severe neck pain – without endless physical therapy treatments, or surgery. If you’ve ever […]

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Saunders Cervical Traction Device (2022 Review)

The Saunders Cervical traction device does not come cheap. You probably won’t find it for less than $300 – anywhere. But that matters less if it can actually relieve and prevent neck pain. In this full review for the Saunders Cervical Traction unit, you’ll all the details, benefits, pros and cons, and our bottom line. […]

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Homedics Massage Chair Reviews: Which Model is Best?

Which HoMedics massage chair is best? Since Homedics has about 14 different shiatsu back massager cushions, we wanted to narrow it down for you to the 3 highest-rated HoMedics back massager chairs of 2022. HoMedics massage chairs offer shiatsu (deep kneading) massage, rolling massage, or both, and some models have a heat option – to […]

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Teeter inversion Tables 2022 Reviews (The FitSpine Series)

Inversion tables (spinal decompression machines) can be highly effective at reducing acute back pain,  and provide long-lasting, often permanent relief that no other treatment can provide. In 2022, Teeter is still the best-known and best-selling inversion table brand on the market, the cream of the crop. That’s why we took the time and effort to […]

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