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The top-rated massagers for back pain relief: the best handheld back massagers and the best back massage chairs in the market

The 6 Best Vibrating Foam Rollers for Muscle Pain

The vibrating foam roller takes the traditional foam roller and the trigger point foam roller – to a whole new level. Why? Because high-frequency vibration massage softens the muscles faster, relaxes them, hinders pain signals, and allows for deeper trigger point kneading and releasing – leading to increased flexibility as well. As some professional athletes […]

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The 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs for Back Pain

Zero gravity massage chairs are like the spaceship of massage chairs. They mimic the weightlessness feeling of a zero gravity environment, which takes the pressure off your pelvic region and back area – while you are getting that relaxing and pain-relieving massage – at home. The result is better blood circulation, reduced inflammation, pain relief, […]

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Can an Acupressure Mat Relieve Back Pain? (And Our Top Pick)

An acupressure mat for back pain is an affordable self-administered acupressure tool, also known as the modern bed of nails. Recent studies show that people with chronic pain who use acupressure therapy (a traditional Chinese medicine technique) can improve pain and fatigue symptoms. This post may contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. […]

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