Heal n’ Soothe for Back Pain and Arthritis: Does it Work?

Heal n’ Soothe is a 100% natural supplement for back pain and arthritis, which means no danger of addiction (like with prescription and OTC drugs) and no liver and kidney damage (if you follow instructions and proper dosage).

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Does it actually WORK?  will it work for you and how exactly does it work? these are the real questions you want to be answered.

What’s Inside Heal n’ Soothe?

Though you won’t find it at your local pharmacy, Heal n’ Soothe is well-known in the world of natural anti-inflammation supplements for back pain and Arthritis.

Heal-n-Soothe is an herbal supplement from Living Well Nutraceuticals.

Every capsule contains 12 natural ingredients that combined together work primarily as an anti-inflammatory to fight the inflammation that causes your pain.

Heal n’ Soothe doesn’t contain any preservatives and fillers of any kind.

As with any herbal remedy, there are many added benefits that help boost overall health and your immune system. This is the list of the ingredients (The product label is fully transparent about them, along with the exact quantity of each one):

  • Bromelain – 3 mill – extracted for pineapples, Hundreds of studies have proven its effectiveness in reducing inflammation and swelling, as well as removing “waste” and toxins from the blood.
  • Turmeric Extract – 60 mg – a powerful antioxidant, able to destroy free radicals causing inflammation and cancer. Some studies found it to be more effective than Aspirin in fighting inflammation and shutting down the COX2 enzyme responsible for pain.
  • Papain – 3 mill – this enzyme has the ability to attack cancer cells and boost the immune system. Very few people have enough if this enzyme.
  • Devil’s Claw – 30 mg – this herb reduces pain and inflammation. Few studies found it to be just as effective as some arthritis drugs, without the side effects.
  • Boswellia – 150 mg – widely used in Indian medicine, this herb is a powerful and effective anti-inflammatory, while also supporting healthy blood circulation.
  • Vitamin E – 45 I.U – this essential vitamin is well known for its anti-oxidant effect. It can also control high blood pressure, maintain healthy and balanced cholesterol levels and boosting immune system function.
  • Ginger – 150 mg – effectively treats pain from inflammation and well known for its ability to treat nausea. It can decrease the number of prostaglandins, responsible for pain. It’s works in the same way that prescription medication does, but naturally.
  • Rutin – 195 mg – another powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids – extracted from citrus, these compounds help your body absorb vitamins and minerals. They also inhibit collagenase and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue.
  • L-glutathione – 6 mg – another well-known compound that can help your body with everything from cancer to glowing skin. This is the anti-oxidant that controls all other antioxidants.
  • Mojave Yucca Root – 90 mg – effectively improves and boosts general health.
  • Systemic Enzymes – 382 mg – a combination of Protease AM 6.0, Alkalin Protease, Bromelain and Papain. More on this important compound below.
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What’s so Special About These Systemic Enzymes?

Ignore the powerful herbs inside this supplement for a second, because the most important and effective inflammation treatment in this back pain supplement is Systemic Enzymes.

When your body is reacting to pain, it immediately floods the injured area with proteolytic enzymes.

These enzymes are the body’s first line of defense against pain and inflammation.

  • They know to differentiate between “bad” prostaglandins (that cause inflammation) and the “good ones (that help the healing process) and they get rid of the bad ones.
  •  They were found to be able to “eat” fibrin and scar tissue. They cleanse the blood from toxins and even fight viruses and improve your immune system.

As we age (after the age of 29 to be exact), the amount of proteolytic enzymes in our body decreases dramatically.

This is why the older you are, the more pain you feel when you are injured, the more time a wound takes to heal and the more scarred your skin can get from just about anything.

Food alone can not boost your proteolytic enzymes enough to stop your pain. This is why this compound in heal n’ Soothe is so Important.

See this video for more on Heal N’ Soothe:

Heal n’ Soothe Research & Studies

The key ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe have been proven to be highly effective in numerous clinical studies. You can some of the research at the end of this post.

Does Heal n’ Soothe WORK?

After thoroughly researching user reviews, we have decided to give this back pain supplement 3.5 stars. The reason for this average rating is as follows:

It seems that this potentially excellent back pain supplement has mixed reviews.

For some people, it worked great, significantly reduced back pain and improved general health (especially with Arthritis), while for others it did absolutely nothing.

We have no way of knowing if the people who found no relief with Heal n’ Soothe followed the protocol suggested by the company (Certain dosage over a certain amount of time).

Those who had success with this supplement were very satisfied and rated it very highly. Those who didn’t obviously gave it bad ratings.

On the other hand, we’ve never heard of a supplement that works for EVERYONE. There are no magic pills for back pain.

The honest truth is:

The only way you will know if Heal n’ Soothe can help you is if you try it out yourself.

To your health and happiness,

The Back-Pain-Relief-Products Team


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