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Hi there. We are back-pain-relief-products.net, and we are passionate about relieving and preventing back pain, a condition that 80% of the population encounters in their lifetime, and that has affected us too many times in our personal life.

Our mission is to give you the latest, most updated information about relieving and preventing back pain naturally – without drugs, chemicals, and endless doctor appointments.

In this blog, you’ll find only the best back pain relief products – reviewed, compared, and most of the time – personally tried and tested by us.

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My name is Meital James, the chief editor, and if you’ll sign up for our updates, you’ll get them from me. When you use our contact page to ask us anything you’d like (we answer everyone) – you’ll be writing to my personal email.

I am a full-time healthy living blogger since 2008 and was always passionate about natural and healthy living. I have studied Naturopathy for 2 years at Reidman College in Israel, and I am a certified “Energy Washout” therapist (Dr. Nader Butto System)

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