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Best back traction home devices – reviews and buyers guides.

The 8 Most Powerful Spinal Decompression Exercises

Spinal decompression exercises can be extremely helpful for any injury or pain caused by increased pressure on your spine. This includes muscle imbalances, sciatica, pinched nerves, bulging/herniated disc, bad posture, sitting all day, and working from home. This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read our affiliate policy The goal you’re trying to achieve with […]

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The 3 Best Inversion Tables Under $150 (In 2022)

Is it possible to find a low-cost inversion table (under $150) for sale – without compromising on quality and safety? If you do your research, the answer is YES. This post contains affiliate links. The most trusted inversion table manufacturers, such as Teeter Inversion Tables or Ironman, sell their different models for $200-$500, and sometimes […]

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The 5 Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain & Sciatica

What should you consider when you want the best inversion table for back pain/sciatica? Is comfort more important than durability? Does the price determine quality? What makes one gravity table better than the other? In these inversion table reviews, you’ll find all the answers,  and you’ll save hours of research to find the top-rated inversion […]

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The 5 Best Back Roller Wheels (& Best Exercises)

Using a back roller wheel is one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to relieve lower, mid-back, and upper back pain – without emptying your wallet. A durable yet comfortable yoga wheel can relieve back pain from muscle tightness, back muscle spasms, sciatica, and more  – in less than 5 minutes. 👉 In a hurry? […]

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The 7 Best Orthopedic Back Stretcher Machines (2022)

Using an orthopedic back stretcher is an easy, drug-free, non-invasive, effective, and low-cost treatment to ease back muscle pain and relieve disc-related issues such as Sciatica and bulging discs. This post contains affiliate links. These simple, no assembly devices, are anatomically shaped to conform to your spine and realign your vertebrae – to help improve […]

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