The Cervical Posture Pump Disc Hydrator Review (2019)

Can a simple, low-cost inflatable device be just as (or more) effective than injections, physical therapy and surgery for neck pain?

According to the latest research – yes.

And you’ll find everything you need to know in this Cervical Posture Pump review.

Two MRI Studies, conducted by Dr. C. Norman Shealy (neurosurgeon, researcher, and author) showed that the Cervical Posture Pump has decompressed, shaped and lubricated the discs and joints of the spine as well as showing disc bulge resorption.

The second study showed that the Posture Pump improved the neck curve by 72% versus only 8% in the commonly used traction device.

Is the cervical neck pump really a neck pain relief breakthrough? How does it work? How do you use it and where can you find the best price for it?

The answers are all here.

First, here’s our summary:

cervical posture pump review

How Does the Cervical Posture Pump Relieve Neck Pain?

When the neck and back lose their normal “c” curve shape, the soft discs between your vertebrae become compressed and the rich lubricating fluid can’t get it and hydrate your discs.

(That’s why it’s also referred to as the disc hydrator)

When the joints are dry they wear unevenly, age faster and create stiffness, discomfort and even intolerable pain.

With easy to use hand pumps and uniquely angled air cells, expansion and contraction (up and down motion) of these air cells create alternating hydration of your spinal discs and joints.

  • Spending just minutes on the Posture Pump allows you to shape and lubricate your neck and upper back, via an easy-to-use neck traction home device.
  • You should start gradually, from 1 minute at the first time, but when the air cells are left inflated for 15-20 minutes – Postural restoration occurs.
  • We highly recommend consulting with your doctor/physical therapist first.

Is the Posture Pump Difficult to Use?

The cervical pump can be used on any surface (firm mattress, yoga mat, carpet) and is an easy-to-use device.

You simply place the deflated device on a firm comfortable surface, untangle the strap at the back, lie down, slide and center it behind your neck.

Then you center your neck on the neck cradle and put the strap on.

But why so many words when you can see exactly how to use the neck pump in this video:

How to Use the Posture Pump

You gradually work your way up to about 15 minutes a day (never getting to the point of pain), by adding a few minutes to each session.

Who Can Benefit From the Cervical Pump?

Anyone who suffers from neck-related headaches (cervicogenic headaches), bulging or herniated cervical discs, Scoliosis, cervical disc degeneration, forward head, and neck posture problems, whiplash and other neck injuries can benefit from this unique neck traction device.

Is the Posture Pump Safe?

As with any traction device, you must follow instructions, start gradually and be careful to not over-stretch your neck.

Overuse can cause more harm than good.

Also, I advise you to do a short warm-up routine before using the Posture Pump.

People with the following conditions should not use the posture pump:

Fracture, spinal instability, and implanted spinal hardware have had spinal surgery, acute traumatic injury, extruded disc fragments, inflammatory disease or infections, pregnancy, and people who feel aggravation of symptoms.

Does the Disc Hydrator WORK?

Posture Pump 2008 study

Through my research, I’ve found that most users enjoyed a dramatic neck pain relief, even more than injections and physical therapy.

From what I’ve seen HERE, Some people claim that it’s nothing short of a miracle treatment.

On the other hand, a few people have stated that it actually made their symptoms worse. I think these people have probably ignored the instructions and haven’t used it gradually, which is critical to the treatment success.

Try one minute. Two minutes the next day, etc. If your neck has been in trouble for 20 years (or “only” 2 years), you don’t want to overdo it.

Posture Pump 1100 VS 1400

In this review, we’ve covered the Posture Pump 1100.


There’s a newer model – the Posture Pump 1400 (also known as “The Dual Disk Hydrator”).

The Posture Pump 1400 is an upgraded model, which works not only on the neck but the upper back as well.

It also has 2 uniquely angled EED air cells to decompress both your neck and upper back to relieve compressive forward upper body posture.

Lastly, the New Comfort Visor gently molds to your forehead shape, without touching your chin or jaw.

The Dual Disk Hydrator – check today’s price on Amazon

Posture Pump FAQ

1. Is it Painful to Use?

Yes, the device can be uncomfortable the first time you use it.


  • You should not feel pain while using the disc hydrator pump. If you do, it means you need to reposition yourself on the device until you feel comfortable.
  • You’ve got to bend your neck over the air bladder and relax. For those with straight necks, it can get uncomfortable. But the neck “gets the idea” and it becomes easier.

During the first week, when the natural shape of your neck and back is promoted, you may feel discomfort and some soreness. This is normal, just like with any other exercise.

Skip the treatment for a few days if you have to, but don’t quit. That’s the secret to finding long-lasting drug-free neck pain relief.

You’re working the oil into a rusty hinge…do it nice and slow and you’ll reap the benefits.

2. Does it Need Assembly?

No, the device comes fully assembled.

3. Can You Travel with the Posture Pump? 

The Posture pump is lightweight (most devices weigh only about 3 pounds), and durable. You can easily pack it in your suitcase and travel with it.

4. Where is the Device Made?

According to the company’s website, the posture pump is 100% made in the USA and is hand assembled.

Posture Pump Best Price

The Posture Pump official website offers the device starting with $148, but sometimes you can find the posture pumps on Amazon for less. If you find it for less than $140 – it’s a good deal.

What about Neck Pain Relief at NIGHT?

Since the neck pain is very much affected by your sleeping position (that’s why neck pain can be worse in the morning) – add a high-quality neck traction pillow to your home treatment.

Check out our post about the top 3 neck traction pillows, and how they can change the quality of your sleep dramatically (starting with being able to fall asleep without pain!)


Considering the frequency of cervical pain in the modern world (and your own…) – the Cervical Posture Pump is an inexpensive yet effective home therapy for neck pain that can be highly valuable.

The Posture Pump dramatically reinforces the cervical curve, takes the pressure off your discs, and gets to the root cause of your neck pain and stiffness – fast.

The Posture Pump is easy to use and can bring dramatic neck pain relief, but you have to follow instructions properly and consult with your doctor before starting (gradually!)

And now over to you: have you ever tried a home neck traction device? what’s your experience? share it with us in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,

The Back Pain Relief Products Team

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