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Posture Pump vs. Inversion Table – What’s Better for Back/Neck Pain?

As you probably know, both the posture pump and the inversion table are designed to decompress your spine - including your cervical spine. However: They differ in the way they get it done. What's better for neck pain, or Sciatica, or a herniated disc: Posture Pump or inversion table? In this post you'll find all the differences between the posture pump and the inver [...]

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Stamina Inline Traction Control System 2021 Review (& Comparison)

The Stamina Inline Traction Control System allows you to stretch your back and hips from a flat-footed position, making it ideal for people with limited mobility or other issues that prevent them from using an inversion table. We wanted to check whether this back traction device is just as effective as inversion therapy – without hanging upside down or lying down. I [...]

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How & Where to Buy an Inversion Table in 2021 [Buyers Guide]

Buying an inversion table can be a little overwhelming, right? Which inversion table is best, which one is 100% safe, which one has a reasonable price, which one is the right fit for your body shape and needs, and finally – where to buy an inversion table? Who sells the best inversion tables for the least price? Luckily, you'll get the answers to all of these questio [...]

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How to Choose a Pillow for Neck Pain [2021 Full Guide]

With so many types of neck pain pillows out there (water pillows, Foam pillows, cervical traction pillows, side-sleeper pillows), just thinking about it can make your neck pain worse. Which pillow will help you most? Since pillows for neck pain don't exactly come cheap, some research is well worth it. That's what we're here to do for you, and especially find you the best [...]

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