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The 5 BEST Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillows (Under $50)

I'm sure you'll agree:Using a Shiatsu neck massage pillow is an incredibly easy, effective and low-cost way to relieve sore neck muscles and prevent tension headaches – where ever you are.But:There are dozens of neck massaging pillows out there:Vibrating, kneading, massagers with heat, without heat, and some that have it all.How do you find the best one fo [...]

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Posture Pump VS Inversion Table – What’s Better for YOU?

As you probably know, both the posture pump and the inversion table are designed to decompress your spine. However:They differ greatly in the way they get it done.What's better for neck pain, or Sciatica, or a bulging disc: Posture Pump or inversion tables?In this post you'll find all the differences between the posture pump and the inversion table, to help you dec [...]

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The 3 Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain Relief (2018 Reviews)

Do you wonder where to start and what to look for when you're searching for the best inversion tables for back pain relief?Is comfort more important than durability? Does the price determine quality?What makes one spinal traction table better than the other?This guide was created to answer all these questions, and save you hours of research to find the top rated i [...]

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The 3 Highest-Quality Back Traction Home Devices (2018)

Back traction, also known as non-surgical spinal decompression, is one of the most popular therapies in Chiropractors' and Physical Therapists' clinics.Though back traction is not widely supported in scientific studies, it's been used as a drug-free and relatively fast method to relieve back and neck pain for decades.But what if you can't afford 3 Chiropractor sessions [...]

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