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The 6 Best Donut/Coccyx Pillows for Tailbone Pain

Donut-shaped pillows have been recommended for tailbone pain (Coccydynia) for decades, as a low-cost pain-relieving tool you can take with you to relieve pressure on the coccyx - anywhere you go. In the past, inflatable donut pillows were popular, but now you can also find other types of tailbone pillows, such as memory foam coccyx pillows, and gel foam seat cushions. [...]

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Where to Place a Heating Pad and How to Use it for Pain Relief

Knowing where to place a heating pad to treat anything from a UTI to constipation, sciatica, and menstrual cramps is important in making the best of thermal therapy at home. And as for safety and quick pain relief, you'll also need to know how to use a heating pad and avoid risks such as burns and overuse. In this post, you'll find exactly where to put a heating pad f [...]

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Massage Guns for Back Pain: Pros, Cons and Top Pick

Is a massage gun good (and safe) for you – if you suffer from chronic back pain or back injuries? In this post, you'll find who should you use massage guns for back pain and sciatica, massage guns pros and cons, who should avoid it, and the best massage guns for back pain relief. This post contains affiliate links. Related: The Best Vibrating Foam Rollers | The B [...]

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Can an Acupressure Mat Relieve Back Pain? (And Our Top Pick)

An acupressure mat for back pain is an affordable self-administered acupressure tool, also known as the modern bed of nails. Recent studies show that people with chronic pain who use acupressure therapy (a traditional Chinese medicine technique) can improve pain and fatigue symptoms. In this post, you'll find whether an acupressure mat relieves back pain, how it feels [...]

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