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The 5 BEST Neck Massage Pillows (Under $50) – 2017 Reviews

I'm sure you'll agree:Using a neck massage pillow is an incredibly easy, effective and low-cost way to relieve sore neck muscles and prevent tension headaches – where ever you are.But:There are dozens of neck massaging pillows out there:Vibrating, kneading, massagers with heat, without heat, and some that have it all.How do you find the best one for your s [...]

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The 3 Best Full Body Electric Massage Mats with Heat (2017 reviews)

I'm sure you'll agree with me:An electric massage mat is a great way to enjoy an on-demand massage wherever you are.A full body massage mat will relieve you aching back, neck and leg muscles, boost your blood flow, and reduce your stress – in less than 30 minutes.The best part?Through our research we’ve found that you can find a high quality, durable massage [...]

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The 5 Best Orthopedic Back Stretchers in 2017 (Reviews)

Have you ever tried using an orthopedic back stretcher to quickly relieve your back pain and stiffness?If not, you should know this:Using orthopedic spine stretchers is an easy, drug-free, non-invasive, effective and low cost way to ease back muscle pain and relieve disc-related issues such as Sciatica and bulging discs.These simple devices, which usually requir [...]

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The 2 Best Pillows to Train You to Sleep on Your Back

Training yourself to sleep on your back is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make to prevent and get rid of your back and neck pain.The simplest way to do that is to get a special pillow for back sleeping, which will keep you sleeping on your back most of the night, while keeping your back and neck aligned and fully rested.In this post you’ll find the benefi [...]

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