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What’s the Best Tempur-Pedic Pillow for Back & Neck Pain? (2020 Picks)

Tempur-Pedic pillows are well known for their high-quality materials, durability, comfort, and excellent back & neck support. However: The Tempurpedic pillow collection includes 9 different pillows. To your health and happiness, The Back Pain Relief Products Team [...]

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The 6 Best Vibrating Foam Rollers (For Back Pain & Workout Recovery)

The vibrating foam roller takes the traditional foam roller and the trigger point foam roller – to a whole new level. Why? Because high-frequency vibration massage softens the muscles quicker, relaxes them, hinders pain signals, and allows for deeper trigger point kneading and releasing. References Imtiyaz S, Veqar Z, Shareef MY. To Compare the Effect of V [...]

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Snailax Massage Mat: The 3 Models Reviewed & Compared (2020)

The Snailax massage mat is one of the most popular and trending vibrating massage mats in 2020, and consistently receive high user reviews - on any store that sells them. Conclusion The Snailax massage mats are becoming extremely popular this year, and this time there's no hype. These are high quality, durable, super comfortable, and effective pain-relieving massag [...]

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The Top 7 Side Sleeper Pillows (for Neck Pain) – 2020 Reviews

Is your pillow really that important when you sleep on your side? Is it worth spending more than a few dollars on a new side sleeper pillow? Can it prevent neck pain, shoulder pain, and snoring? Absolutely. Note: check out our post about the full body pillow, which is a great way to sleep on your side while keeping your spine aligned!) We hope this side sleep [...]

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