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The 3 Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain (2019 Reviews)

Can you imagine your neck pain finally relieved (or even gone) - in just a few days? It doesn't have to stay in your imagination. A high quality (and the right) cervical traction pillow (used every night) - can make this fantasy come true. Plus: Help you sleep through the night pain-free Gently stretch and relieve your shoulder muscles And even reduce snorin [...]

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Lo Bak Trax 2019 Review: Can this Spine Stretcher Help Your Back?

The Lo Bak Trax spinal stretcher promises to relieve your back pain in just minutes a day – simply by pushing your lower body away from your upper body. Can it really be that simple? 🤔 Find out now - in our Lo Bak Trax review. This powerful stretch is also known as spinal traction, or spinal decompression, and chiropractors use it all the time to naturall [...]

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What’s the Best Portable Heating Pad You Can Wear (for Back Pain)?

Having your own portable heating pad you can wear anywhere and anytime – can be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from acute or chronic back pain, sciatica, bulging disc, pinched nerve, and arthritis. 📢 The #1 Benefit of a Portable Heating Pad? It allows you to keep functioning and going about your day – without back pain (or at least much less pain) You [...]

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Train Yourself to Sleep on Your Back – with This Special Pillow

Training yourself to sleep on your back is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make to prevent and get rid of your back and neck pain. The simplest way to do that is to get a special pillow for back sleeping, which will keep you sleeping on your back most of the night while keeping your back and neck aligned and fully rested. In this post, you’ll find the benefi [...]

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