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Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table Review & Comparison [2022]

Combining inversion therapy with infrared rays in one heated inversion table? That sounds like a great idea. That’s why we were eager to share our review for Ironman infrared therapy inversion tables, including the IFT 4000, and the IFT 1000. Ironman offers this highly effective combined technology for back pain relief, in two of their […]

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Teeter Gravity Boots Review (vs. Inversion Table)

Unlike that great song, the Teeter Gravity Boots were NOT made for walking. They were made for hanging upside down (looking like Batman) and decompressing your spine. Using inversion boots at home is one of the lowest cost and quickest ways to decompress your spine, and stretch your back and neck muscles. In this post, […]

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