The Big Heat: The 7 Best Extra Large Heating Pads (2024)


Extra large and XXL heating pads are the best solution for people who want to cover a large painful area (such as the back) in one treatment, and maximize heat therapy for pain relief, increased blood flow, and stress relief.
best extra large heating pads

The XL heating pads below would be great for all kinds of large pain areas in your body:

1. Back pain and sciatica pain

2. Leg Pain

3. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple injuries after a car accident, etc.

These 7 heating pads use different heat therapy types (dry heat, moist heat, or infrared heat), and you’ll see the pros and cons of each one right below the table.

Large Heating PadBottom LineSize Temperature Price
Pure Relief XXL Heating Pad
Best Value20"x24" 105-140℉$45 at Pure Enrichment
UTK Infrared Heating Pad
Best Infrared heating pad
Weighted (natural stones)
Up to 159 F$169 on Amazon
Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad
Fastest Heating12"x24" 3 heat settings$34 on Amazon
GOQOTOMO Flower Heating Pad
Gorgeous Design
Most comfortable
12"x24"12 heat settings
8 timer settings
$29 on Amazon
GENIANI King Size Heating Pad
Dry & Moist12"x24" 99 - 103 F$41 on Amazon
Sharper Image Heating Pad
Far infrared
26"x35" 3 heat settings$119 with code PREP20 at Sharper Image

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Heating Pad Sizes

Heating pads come in a variety of sizes, from small sizes starting at 12″x”15″, to extra large sizes and mattress sizes.

A standard-size heating pad is about 12″ x 15″, and is too small to cover most of your back. An extra large heating pad is usually at least 12″ x 24″.

Small heating pads are intended for small muscle areas and joints (knee/elbow).

Medium-size heating pads can cover larger areas such as the lower back or thighs, and large heating pads can cover most of your body if not all of it – from neck to feet.

Heating Pad SizeInchesBest Uses
Small heating pad9"x9"
Targeted pain relief
Stomach Pain
Elbow Pain
Knee Pain
Neck pain
Medium-size heating pad14"x14"
Large muscle groups
Lower/upper back pain
Large Heating Pads12"x24"
and up
Wrap around large muscle groups
Full body

See exactly where to place a heating pad for sciatica/constipation/UTI/period cramps

The 7 Best Extra Large Heating Pads 

Large Heating Pad with Massage
Did you know? You can add massage therapy to your large heating pad when you get an electric massage mat with heat!

Extra-large heating pads come in a wide range of prices, mainly due to different features such as different heat options, multiple heat settings, and a removable cover.

The most expensive ones are infrared heating pads, which deliver radiant heat through natural gemstones and emit almost no EMF.

Since these high-quality pads can last you for years, you may want to invest a little more in a heating pad with these special features.

1. Pure Relief  XXL Heating Pad Best Value

best value XXL heating pad with auto shut off

  • Size – 12″x24″ (XL) / 20″x 24″ (XXL)
  • Weight – 1.45 lbs. / 1.9 lbs.
  • Material – microfiber (machine washable)
  • Temperature range – 105-140℉

Pros – Heats up quickly, twice as many heat settings than other pads, full back coverage, 9-foot coed

Cons – heat may not be uniform across the pad, requires delicate washing

The Pure Relief XXL heating pad is large enough to cover large muscle groups or the entire back,  6 temperature settings to choose from (with the digital LCD controller), and a moist therapy option for deeper heat penetration.

The highest heat setting is 140F, and the lowest is 105F.

The cover is soft and comfortable (machine washable) and the extra-long cord (9-foot) makes it easy to use from your bed, sofa, or chair, and it is very easy to travel with as well.

pure relief XL heating pad review
coils are wrapped by super soft plush

The Pure Relief heating pad shuts off automatically after 2 hours, which is important if you fall asleep on it, and comes with a storage bag for easy transport.

However, while the cover can be removed (there’s a zipper) and washed –  it requires gentler washing – on the delicate cycle with cold water.

Also, Some users have reported that the cord is too short, making it challenging to use the pad in some situations.

PriceXXL Size – $45 at Pure Enrichment and $40 on Amazon

XL Size – $35 at Pure Enrichment, and $35 on Amazon

2. Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad Fastest Heating

fastest heating extra large heating pad

  • Size  12” X 24”
  • Weight 1.4 lbs.
  • Material microplush
  • Temperature Range – 3 settings (low/medium/high)

Pros – Heats in 30 seconds, many heat settings, gets very hot at the highest setting

Cons – Cover promotes sweating and some quality issues reported by consumers

$34 on Amazon

The Sunbeam XL heating pad (HSA/FSA Eligible) heats up in only 30 seconds, has 6 heat settings (so you can pinpoint the most comfortable heat for your needs), and offers both dry and moist heat.

The digital controller allows you to track the heat and set the auto shut-off time, the super comfortable cover is made with micruplush, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

How Hot Does it Get?

The highest heat setting (6) is too hot to put next to your skin and even too hot to touch. It would require at least one layer of clothing between the pad and your body, we doubt you’ll even use it.

The pad can’t be sharply folded (though you can mold it gently to wrap around your joints), and the cover is not removable (this can be solved by getting a replacement heating pad cover, like this one)

sunbeam extra large heating pad review
Can be folded on a chair

Available on Amazon ($33)

3. Thermotech Digital Moist Heating Pad Best Moist

best extra large moist heating pad

  • Size: 14″ x 27″
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Material flannel cover
  • Temperature range – up to 160℉ (4 heat settings)

Pros – One of the hottest pads available, moist heat (without water), flexible and wrappable

Cons – May stop working after 1 year, more expensive than average

$65 on Amazon

This large heating pad (moist) allows you to set the exact temperature you want with your controller, has a temperature lock, and it gets very hot: you can set it up to 160℉!

The Thermotec doesn’t require water to stay moist: it uses the humidity in the air to produce moisture, and it is flexible and wrappable.

The cover is removable and washable and it comes with a velcro strap to help separate it from other clothes in the washing machine.

The only con we found is the somewhat annoying 15-minute auto shut-off.

But, it can be adjusted to one hour instead (which is still not enough), and the warranty is only for one year.

Available on Amazon ($65)

4. UTK Infrared Jade Heat Mat (XL)  Best Weighted Infrared

best extra large weighted infrared heating pad

  • Size: 31″ X 21″, about ½” thick (yet this is only the medium size. There’s a giant one that can cover your entire body)
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs. , includes 126 natural jade stones
  • Material Jade stones, carbon fiber, PU Leather
  • Temperature Range – up to 159℉ (in any increment)

Pros – Deep penetrating infrared heat, negative ions, high-quality build, durable, highly customizable heat, FDA-cleared

Cons – Heavy to move around, bulky

$169 on Amazon (Price⬇️)

Through my personal experience, the UTK large Infrared heating pad is the best (and safest) large infrared heating pad and the one I recommended to my friends.

Here’s why:

While electric heating pads are effective and not expensive, there’s still one thing that concerns me: they all emit EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation.

For the last 2 decades, many studies have investigated the health dangers of EMF, suspecting that it can weaken the immune system, hurt brain DNA, and increase the risk of cancer.

Most studies haven’t found a direct link, but none of them were able to rule it out either.

This is especially true when you use a large electric device so close to your body, for a long time.

This is why I’ve recommended an Infrared Heating pad, which emits very low to no EMF radiation at all and uses Jade or Tourmaline stones to deliver the deep penetrating infrared healing rays (up to 159 F) into your body (and negative ions!).

Plus, compared to electric heat, The UTK infrared heating pad penetrates 10 times deeper into your body – without exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

best far infrared heating pad for back pain
My UTK jade & tourmaline heating pad

Utk Heating Pad Pros

  • UTK heating pad contains natural jade/tourmaline stones to deliver deep-penetrating infrared heat
  • Relieves stress and boosts energy through negative ions therapy
  • Infrared heat makes you produce more sweat than via electric pads (helps to detox)
  • Heat is deep penetrating and effective without feeling extremely hot
  • Digital controller with auto-shutoff
  • Comfortable to lean on and you can sleep on it
  • 1-60 heat settings, 50 feels comfortable for most people
  • Flexible and can be used to wrap any part of your body
  • Built-in timer, but allows for continuous heat


  • I’ve found no cons other than the price.

  Available on Amazon ($169)

5. Sharper Image XL Infrared Heating Pad

best XL weighted heating pad infrared therapy

  • Size – 26″ x 35″
  • Weight – 1.72 lbs.
  • Material – Velveteen
  • Temperature Range – 3 heat settings (up to 149℉)

Pros – Deep-penetrating  Infrared rays through carbon fiber, multiple heat settings

Cons – Heat settings feel the same to some users, expensive

$119 with code PREP20 at Sharper Image (Price⬇️)

The Sharper Image extra-large heating pad emits infrared rays via carbon fibers at wavelengths greater than 3000 nanometers (far infrared). deep penetrating heat is proven to be more effective for pain relief. Plus, it doesn’t get too hot to the touch.

It has no semi-precious stones so it’s relatively lightweight (only 1.72 lbs.) and flexible – it can be used on a chair and a recliner, and even as a foot warmer.

The cover is soft and comfortable, but it is not machine washable.

Like all FIR heating pads, the surface does not get hot to the touch, but the heat penetrates deep into your tissues as you lay on it for at least 30 minutes.

Available at Sharper Image ($115 with coupon code HOP23)

6. GENIANI King Size Heating Pad – Dry & Moist Heat

fast heating extra large heating pad dry and moist

  • Size – 12″ x 24″
  • Weight – 1.8 lbs.
  • Material – polyester microplush
  • Temperatures – 3 heat settings (up to 103 F)

Pros – reliable high heat output, long cord (112 inches), stays flat, long warranty

Cons – The lowest heat setting barely works

$41 on Amazon

The GENINANI heating pad is one of the best selling XL heating pads on Amazon, and most people mention the fast, 30-second heating, and the luxurious feeling of the soft fabric sleeve.

The pad doesn’t feel hot to the touch, even on high settings, but once pressure is applied, the heat is strong and effective.

The heating elements are lined inside the cover, so the pad stays flat and maximizes contact with your pain area.

The heat output is no joke, but the lowest setting feels like it barely works.

extra large heating pad 12 x 24 inches

We like that it can be used as a moist heating pad and that it has a 3-year warranty.

However, some people claim that it doesn’t hold the heat well after unplugged (seems like a strange complaint) and that the temperature changes mysteriously.

Available on Amazon ($41)

7. GOQOTOMO Flower Heating Pad – Gorgeous Design & Comfortable

Xl heating pad flower heating pad

Pros – highly versatile (8 timer settings, 12 heat settings), gorgeous design, extra comfortable, lowest cost

Cons – may stop working after 1 year

  • Size – 12″ x 24″
  • Weight – 1.64 lbs.
  • Material – Sherpa fleece cover
  • Temperatures – 12 settings

$29 on Amazon

The gorgeous design of this flower heating pad, its super soft and thick Sherpa fleece cover (machine-washable), and the 12 temperature settings it offers make this one an almost irresistible XL heating pad.

It has no less than 8 auto shut-off levels, a unique feature for a regular electric heating pad (most pads have about 3-4 timer options or just one).

XL flower heating pad for women
Cover is machine washable

However, we wish it had a strap to help us use it around our shoulders when sitting.

Available on Amazon ($29)

What is the Largest Heating Pad Available?

The largest electric heat pad would be a full-body pad, also known as a heated mattress.

Our top recommendation for 2024 is the Ereada infrared heating mattresseshigh-end FIR heating pads with negative ions and PEMF magnetism.

largest electric heating pad


The largest size is the 32″L X 20″W one.

Another option we’ve found is the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad, which comes in full bed sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

the largest heated mattress pad
Sunbeam heated mattress pad – with 1o-hour auto shut off!

The Sunbeam soft quilted heated mattress topper comes with dual-side controllers for you and your partner and 10 heat settings you can choose from, to relieve pain all over your body. This one also features the longest auto-shut off of no less than 10 hours.

It has a warmer zone at the bottom and a cooler zone near the head with a medium Zone in the middle.

Many people seem to use it as a blanket and not as a mattress pad.

See all the details on this Amazon page!

What is the Hottest Large Heating Pad?

The Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heat Pack (14″ x 27″) is the hottest XL heating pad in 2024 and can run between 150 to 165 degrees F.

It is slightly weighted, with weights positioned to make it conform to your body and reduce air pockets so more heat is delivered to your body.

hottest extra large heating pad
Thermophore MAXHEAT – the hottest large heating pad on Amazon

This is literally a steaming heating pad, which produces intense moist heat without adding any water, and the new design comes with simple one-touch control and a 25-minute auto shut-off timer.

Warning – this pad is not meant to lie on, only to place over your body.

If you do lie on it, check frequently to avoid burning.

man looking for the hottest heating pad

What’s the Best Selling Large Heating Pad on Amazon?

The best-selling XL heating pad on Amazon (12″ x 24″) is the Sunbeam XL SoftTouch, which comes with 4 heat settings, and a digital controller, and shuts off after 2 hours.

It has a very soft plush cover (machine washable) and consumers have stated that it maintains continuous heat.

best selling xl heating pad on Amazon
This top-selling heating pad on Amazon has a few safety problems – view on Amazon

However, we do not recommend it because a few reviewers received defective items, and one of them even burned and almost caught her mattress. We recommend the other heating pads on this post instead.

To your health and happiness,

The Back Pain Relief Products Team


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