What’s the Best Portable (Cordless) Heating Pad for Back Pain?

Having your own portable heating pad you can wear on the go – can be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from acute or chronic back pain, sciatica, bulging disc, pinched nerve, and arthritis.

📢 What’s the #1 Benefit of a Portable Heating Pad?

It allows you to keep functioning and going about your day without back pain (or at least much less pain) at work, in the car, and when traveling.

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📢 If you’re in a hurry, check out the list below. Under it, you’ll find their pros & cons (our portable heating pad reviews)

Portable Heating PadOur Verdict
Best cordless heating pad
(Far Infrared)
Best travel heating pad
Beurer Portable
Infrared Belt

Best USB
portable infrared
Hot Shot
Best rechargeable hot water Bottle
Best portable heat wraps
Best microvaveable moist heat pad
Zone Tech
Best heating pad for the car

You can use a cordless, battery-operated or a USB powered heating pad to quickly relieve your aching back  – on the go and anytime you need it.


Wireless heating pads are compact and lightweight, and you can use them for neck pain, stomach aches, joint pain or just warm your feet and hands in the cold weather.

Below you’ll find the best cordless heating pad, the best rechargeable hot water, the best USB heating pad, the best heating pad for flights, and the best back heating wraps.

The 6 Best Portable Heating Pads for Pain Relief

Here are the full and detailed portable heating pads reviews:

1. 🥇 BriteLeafs – Best Cordless Heating Pad

best cordless heating pad 2019

Best price on Amazon

The BriteLeafs battery operated (Lithium) heating pad gets our highest rating for a portable heating pad for back pain, and here’s why:

👉This wearable heating pad for back pain is rechargeable, the heat lasts for 2-4 hours (depending on the temperature settings), and it uses carbon fibers to deliver far-infrared heat – which penetrates deep into your muscles and tissues.

(You can see why infrared heat is superior to regular electric heating pads HERE).

BriteLeafs Pros

  • Far infrared heat penetrates deep (up to 2 inches) into your back and does not only temporarily relieve pain but speeds up healing from any injury you may have.
  • Heat lasts for 2-3 hours per charge!
  • The Velcro strap (70 inches) makes it very comfortable to use and stays put on your back no matter how active you are.
  • This battery heated back warmer has 2 temperature settings, and the heat can get intense – you can wear over clothes and still feel the heat very well.
  • Fit for travel – you can charge in both 110 – 220V outlets or you can also plug into a computer to charge. Also, Lithium batteries are allowed on planes if you take it with you to your cabin.

👉See how this FIR heat pad doubled painless sleep hours for a back pain sufferer HERE.


  • It doesn’t come with an extra battery. You can order another one HERE.
  • Charging the battery fully may take up to 8 hours.

Bottom Line

It’s the best portable heating pad to allow you to keep functioning and doing your chores – while actively speeding up the healing of your back pain through the superior infrared heat. Check today’s price on Walmart 

2. Beurer Wireless Heating Belt – Best USB Heating Pad

beurer wireless portable infrared heating belt

Beurer portable wireless infrared heating belt – best price on Amazon

The Beurer Portable Heated Belt is a true winner: with a power bank that lasts for 2 hours of heat on the go, adjustable size, a USB charging function for your smartphone, and 3 illuminated temperature settings, you can enjoy the pain-relieving heat wherever you are.

This cordless infrared heating back belt comes with an auto shut off (after 110 minutes) is not bulky and has a soft enough cover to use under your clothes – without anyone seeing it.

Beurer Cordless Back Belt Pros

  • Soft, skin-friendly cover
  • Can be worn discreetly under the clothes
  • Lasts for 2 hours when fully charged
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius
  • The belt can be adjusted to fit around the waist
  • Comes with a storage bag

Pricewe found the best price on Amazon 


  • Some users feel that it doesn’t get hot enough if you don’t wear it directly on your skin

3. Hot Shot – Best Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle

If you are a hot water bottle person, the Hot Shot rechargeable hot water eliminates the need to boil water (doesn’t need refilling) and once charged, and keeps the heat on for the entire night under your blanket.

It has 6 layers of protection for extra safety and the material is super soft and cozy.

Hot Shot Portable Heating Pad Pros

  • It can be used on any part of your body, including hands, feet, stomach, neck and more.
  • It warms up super-fast (15 minutes), gets to a great temperature, and stays warm for quite a while.
  • Great for use in a car. Charge it at home and use it in the car for hours.
  • Fair price
  • Excellent customer service – if for some reason you won’t like it, Hot Shot will fully refund you – no questions asked.


  • You can’t move around with it, you’ll have to sit or lie down with it (on the other hand, it forces to relax and rest)
  • You can’t use it on a plane since it’s filled with water

Bottom Line

The Hot Shot rechargeable water bottle is the best upgraded water bottle you can use at home or in your car – for the money. Check today’s price on Amazon.

4. Thermacare – Best Portable Heat Wraps 

The best thing about the Thermacare heat wraps is that they are fully discrete. They are ultra-thin and you can wear them under your clothes for 16 hours of lower back pain relief.

👉 The air-activated therapeutic heat will last for 8 hours, and you’ll enjoy 8 more hours of pain relief after you took it off.

The Thermacare heat wraps contain heat cells that get activated by air to provide low-level heat for 8 hours straight, but you can only use each wrap – once.

(It’s what makes them one of the best heating pads for cramps as well)

Thermacare Pros

  • They stay put – they adapt to your movement while staying close to your skin.
  • 8 hours of heat – without recharging or plugging
  • 100% portable, non-electric – no cord, battery, recharging
  • Discrete – hide it under your clothes and no one will know it’s there
  • It can be used on other pain areas in your body – shoulders, knees, etc.
  • There’s a subscription option (subscribe & save) on Amazon


  • Each wrap can be used once

Bottom Line

Thermacare heat wraps are the best choice for people who want to keep functioning, working, and doing chores for 8-10 hours. They are completely discrete, work as advertised and 100% portable. Check today’s price on Amazon.

👉 Have you tried using a wireless TENS unit to relieve your back pain naturally?

5. MOQY – Best Microwavable Moist Heat Pack 

The MOQY hot pack for back pain is a high quality, 100% portable heat wrap for lower back pain, made in Germany.

Filled with moor mud and covered with 100% cotton, the MOQY heat wrap offers a deep moist heat effect –without any water.

Warming it up to 125°F in the microwave it will stay over 104°F for nearly 110 minutes

To use it as a cold pack, all you have to do it freeze it for an hour.


  • 100% portable, non-electric
  • Can be used as a hot or a cold pack – microwaveable and freezable
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • You are completely mobile when you wear it – comes with a Velcro strap
  • No EMF radiation
  • Quick heat – warming time is between 2:30 and 3:15 minutes
  • Can be used as a cold pack for headaches and acute injuries
  • Gorgeous and professional packaging and clear instructions
  • GMP certified and FDA registered
  • 1-year warranty and 30 days 100% money-back guarantee


  • Needs to be warmed in small steps so it doesn’t get too hot for you, and it’s best to turn it around once, to ensure the evenest temperature distribution

Bottom Line

The MOQY microwaveable & freezable lower back wrap is a high-quality product with attention to details. Perfect for relieving lower back pain on the go and highly adjustable. Check today’s price on Amazon.

6. Zone Tech – Best Portable Heat Pad for the Car

best portable heating pad for the car

Check today’s price (pack of 2 for the price of 1)

The Zone Tech 12v car heating pad is perfect for relieving back pain when you drive, or just to keep you warm when winter driving.

👉 It comes with straps that make sure it holds in place, and it easily slides over almost any car seat, and extra straps and hooks to secure the heated cushion under your seat as well.

All you have to do is plug it in your 12-volt DC outlet, turn it on with the control, set the temperature – and go.

Zone Tech Pros

  • Great price – 2 cushions for the price of 1
  • Adjustable heat – choose from 2 temperature settings – low/high. High can get to 150 F.
  • Infrared heat delivered through carbon fibers – no lumps and wires.
  • Fireproof – the cover is UL approved and made with fireproof material
  • Light and portable
  • Heats up fast
  • Universal fit for all vehicles
  • Safe for cloth seats


  • You’ll need to unplug it before you leave the car because it may drain the battery otherwise.

Bottom Line

The Zone Tech is the best portable heating pad you can plug into a lighter in your car. The material is fireproof, it’s safe to use, it heats up fast, fits all vehicles, and the price is great because you get two pads for the price of one. Check today’s price on Amazon.

7. SkyGenius – Best Travel Heating Pad 

The SkyGenius USB heating pad delivers infrared heat fast via Graphene heating films.

(Graphene is the newest, strongest, and thinnest heat conducting material)

👉 Powered by a power adapter (5V2A) you can to it on a plane with you, to relieve back muscle pain on flights.

It comes with adjustable Velcro straps and has 3 temperature settings you can choose from.

SkyGenius Pros

  • Adjustable heat – 3 heat settings – low/medium/high
  • Allows to manage back pain or stomach pain on international airplane travel
  • The soothing heat will relieve your pain and help you fall asleep
  • Runs for a few hours, depending on the battery strength and charge
  • Can also be used in a car – just plug It into the USB
  • High user ratings on Amazon


  • Must be plugged in to work
  • Power bank not included, you can get one that fits HERE 

How to use a Portable Back Warmer

Studies have found the heat therapy works best when used for long periods and consistently.

There is no limit on the number of hours you can use your portable heating pad. The minimum would be 30 minutes daily.

Choose a temperature setting that you can tolerate, and makes you feel comfortable.

Do not fall asleep with a heating pad that doesn’t have an auto shut off.

👉 If you at home and don’t have to move around (or at night) – you can use large heating pads (electric) that can cover larger areas in your body – for a longer time.

How Does Heat Help with Back Pain?

Back pain mainly happens due to strains and overextensions, creating tension in your muscles and soft tissues around your spine.

This results in restricted blood circulation, which sends pain signals to the brain.

Heat therapy is proven to significantly relieve and heal back pain. Here’s how:

📢 Heat therapy (thermotherapy) dilates the blood vessels of the muscles around your spine. This increases oxygen flow and nutrients to the area, helping to heal the tissues.

Heat also helps reducing transmission of pain signals to your brain, which results in lasting back pain relief.

And last, heat decreases stiffness as well as injury and increases flexibility and overall feeling of comfort.


A portable heating pad is a low-cost and proven-effective way to relieve back pain on the go – where ever you are and no matter what you have to do.

There’s no doubt:

Heat therapy works quickly and effectively. It both reduces pain and speeds up healing from any back pain causes – including arthritis, muscle spasms, sciatica, bulging and herniated disc, and degenerative disc disease.

We recommend adding a non-portable, larger infrared heating pad you can sleep on or use while you relax at home. You can see the best infrared heating pads HERE.

To your health and happiness,



Dehghan M, Farahbod F. The efficacy of thermotherapy and cryotherapy on pain relief in patients with acute low back pain, a clinical trial study. J Clin Diagn Res. 2014;8(9):LC01–LC4. doi:10.7860/JCDR/2014/7404.4818

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