Snailax Massage Mats Reviews & Model Comparison

Is the Snailax massage mat worth its price? are the features sufficient? what are its pros and cons?

In this post, you’ll see a full comparison between the 3 different Snailax massage mat models, and whether Snailax is a good brand and worth your investment.

snailax massage mat reviews

All 3 Snailax massage mat models are vibration massage mats with 10 motors, they are all flexible, foldable, lightweight, portable and easily packed for travel.

So, what is the difference between the standard model, upgraded model, and the deluxe model? are they worth their price?

You’ll find out everything you need to know about the Snailax therapeutic massage mats with heat – below.

In a Hurry?

Here’s a short comparison, followed by more details, pros and cons, and reviews:

Snaialx Massage Mat ModelMassageHeatPrice
Snailax Memory Foam 363M

🥇Best Value
4 massage zones
5 programs
6 heating pads (from neck to calves)$102 with code VLT30 at Snailax
Snailax 391S
4 massage zones
5 programs
2 heating pads (upper & lower back)$67 with code VLT30 at Snailax

Snailax SL-363
4 massage zones
5 programs
4 heating pads (from back to legs)$69 with code VLT30 at Snailax

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Is Snailax a Good Brand?

Through our research, Snailax is a trustworthy brand that delivers all US orders within 5 days, offers a full refund for every purchase made in the last 30 days, and a 90-day refund if the product has any problem with it. 

The customer service is helpful and quick.

Where is Snailax Manufactured?

While all Snailax products are made in Singapore, their headquarters are in the USA, not far from Michigan.

The Snailax corporation manufactures many types of stress-relieving and pain-relieving products, including all types of massagers (hand-held/full body massage mat/ dual-head/ foot massagers, etc.), and massage car cushions.

Their mission is to “slow down your fast-paced stressful life to a slow snail-like pace”, and they have been around for many years now.

Snailax Massage Mats: Similarities

Snailax offers 3 different massage mats:

  • Standard (363)
  • Upgraded (391S)
  • Deluxe (363M)

Here’s what all of them have in common:

snailax memory foam massage mats

  • Vibration massage only (powerful vibration but gentle enough to treat Neuropathy pain and Arthritis pain)
  • 10 motors inside
  • Heat in 3 minutes max, up to 124 Fahrenheit or 51 Celsius
  • 30-minute auto shut-off timer
  • Flexible and foldable – can be used in bed, on the sofa, on a chair, recliner, and on the floor.
  • Easy to pack and great for travel
  • Easy and intuitive controller
  • Overheat protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty
  • Free shipping in the US

And now, let’s compare the 3 models:

Snailax Massage Mat Reviews & Comparison

Here are our full reviews for the massage mats by Snailax:

 1. Snailax sl-363m Massage Mat Best Value

snailax massage mat with 10 vibrating rollers

Snailax best value massage mat – view at Snailax

Through our research, the Snailax Delux memory foam massage mat (363M) is the best-value Snailax massage mat. The 6 heating pads target your entire body – from the neck to the ankles, and you can choose from 5 Massage Modes, 4 selective massage zones, and 3 Intensities.

The cover is so comfortable you won’t want to get off of it, and the memory foam padding conforms to your body shape and doubles the comfort factor in this therapeutic massage mat model.

One of the many user reviewers online called it “a serious machine” and claimed that this pad will relieve even the “worst aches of the hardest and ugliest day on the job”.

This model is the best fit for people with conditions that affect large areas of the body (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Neuropathy, etc.)

snailax 363M review

Snailax 363M Pros

  • Memory foam padding and soft plush cover (1.57 inches thick!)
  • Heating pads all over the mattress warm and relax your entire body (if used on a chair you can even massage and heat your feet)
  • Foldable and flexible – optimal for storage and travel, and can be used on any chair or lying down on a hard surface.
  • Highly versatile and invigorating massage
  • Costs only $7 more than the upgraded version (you get 2 more heating zones with this model)


  • Some users would prefer a 60-minute timer instead of a 30-minute timer

Available at Snailax ($102 with coupon code VLT30 & free shipping) and on Amazon ($98)

2. Snailax sl-391S Massage Mat 

Snailax 391S model

Snailax 391S model – view at Snailax

The Snailax 10-motor standard model (391S) comes with 2 heating pads inside – that cover the entire back (and promote blood circulation), 5 massage programs, and 3 vibration intensities to choose from.

4 massage zones allow you to choose either the shoulder, back, lumbar area, or legs – or combine all areas – for quick muscle pain relief, nerve pain relief, and stress and tension relief.

snailax 391S review

This massager mat can function as a heating pad only – the heat is adjustable and can be turned on without the massage. Overheat protection and auto shut-off makes it completely safe to fall asleep on – fully relaxed and pain-free.

Consumers have mentioned that while the heat is not adjustable, the massage levels make up for it. The massage mat can be placed anywhere, including your living room recliner, it is quiet so it doesn’t interfere with TV or phone calls, and is so very relaxing.

It’s also easy to move, easy to use, and easy to store.

Snailax 391S pros

  • Adjustable heat settings, 5 programs, 3 intensity settings
  • Powerful vibration massage
  • Controls are easy and intuitive
  • Lightweight and flexible – can be used on any surface, including chairs and recliners.
  • Folds for easy packing – great for travel
  • Great for falling asleep – auto shut off after 30 minutes and overheat protection
  • Heat can be used without the massage


  • The heating pads target only the lower and upper back (See upgraded models below for full-body coverage)

Available at Snailax ($67 with coupon code VLT30) and on Amazon ($85 with code under the price)

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3. Snailax 363 Vibration Massage Mat 

Snailax massage mat 363

Snailax massage mat 363 model – view at Snailax

The Snailax upgraded massage mattress model (SL-363) comes with 4 heating pads that target the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves – to loosen and soothe tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

You can choose from 4 selective massage zones, 3 speed settings, and 5 massage modes to fit your exact needs (and the variety of programs won’t bore you).

This model comes with a wonderful pillow (a feature we rarely find in other mat massagers), and the cover is made with comfortable soft plush.

massage mattress with heat and pillow

It’s a perfect pain and stress-relieving tool to use after a hard day at work or a vigorous workout and can be a life-changer for people with chronic pain and fatigue.

Snailax 363 pros

  • Heating pads target most of the body – from the back to the calves
  • 3 speed settings and 5 massage modes
  • Pillow to relax your head comfortably, the fabric is ultra-soft
  • Flexible and foldable (space-saving)
  • Timer with auto shut off – safe for using in bed and falling asleep
  • Quiet – noise rating is under 60 decibels.
  • Takes less than 3 minutes to heat up
  • Soft plush cover


  • The pillow cannot be removed

Available at Snailax ($70 with coupon code VLT30) and on Amazon ($80)

Snailax vs. Comfier Massage Mat

snailax vs. comfier massage mat

Compared with the Snailax massage mat, the Comfier massage mat is twice as thick and offers both vibration and kneading Shiatsu massage on your entire back.

It comes with a removable Jade heating pad that can be used on any area of your body, and a protective flap to ease the massage intensity if needed.

The cover is made from PU leather (compared to Snailax’s plush cover), and you can even adjust the width of massage heads to custom-fit your body. However, the price is almost $100 higher than the Snailax.

We’ve compared Snailax, Comfier, and 3 more massage mats in our massage mat reviews.

Snailax Massage Mats FAQ

Can You Use the Snailax Massage Mat on a Chair?

Yes, the Snailax massage mat is flexible and foldable and can be used on a chair, couch, recliner, or sofa. However, we wouldn’t recommend spending hours sitting on it.

Is the Snailax Mat Comfortable to Sleep On?

Yes, all the Snailax mats are comfortable and safe (with the auto shut-off feature) to sleep on. The memory foam model is the most comfortable one since it’s 1.57 inches thick.

How Do You Clean and Maintain the Massage Mat?

Before you clean the Snailax massage mat, switch it off and remove the adapter. You can wipe it with a slightly moist cloth and let it dry completely before using it again. Don’t use alcohol or harsh chemicals on it, and keep it away from heat or direct sunlight.

Keep the mat away from sharp objects to prevent the piercing of the cover. Note that the cover is not removable for washing.

Is the Snailax Massage Mat Noisy?

No, all Snailax models are very quiet – under 60 db. The sound won’t interfere with TV or music.


The Snailax massage mats are becoming extremely popular this year, and this time there’s no hype.

These are high-quality, durable, super comfortable, and effective pain-relieving massage mattresses that you can use at home, office, in travel, and anywhere.

They are safe, and the price is fair.

You won’t regret splurging on these mats.

To your health and happiness,


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