The 5 Best Extra Large Heating Pads in 2020 (Updated Reviews)

Extra large heating pads are the perfect solution for people who want to cover a large treatment area – at the same time, and use thermal therapy for pain relief, stress reduction and to increase blood flow. But, how do you find the best large heating pad – for the best price – in 2020? […]

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The 8 Best Back Traction Home Devices (2020)

Back traction (spinal decompression), also known as non-surgical spinal decompression, is one of the most popular therapies in chiropractors’ and physical therapists’ clinics. Why? Because it works. Though back traction home devices are not widely supported in scientific studies, they’ve been used as a drug-free and relatively fast method to relieve back and neck pain […]

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The 6 Best Cervical Pillows (Neck Traction Pillows) – 2020 Reviews

Can you imagine finally relieving your neck pain from cervical herniated/bulging discs (and the headaches that accompany it) – just by sleeping on a specific pillow? It doesn’t have to stay in your imagination. The best cervical pillow (neck support pillow) – can do the following: Help you sleep through the night neck pain-free Gently […]

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