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The 7 Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain

Can you imagine finally relieving your neck pain from cervical herniated/bulging discs (and the headaches that accompany it) – just by sleeping on a specific pillow? The right cervical pillow (neck support pillow) – can do the following: Help you sleep through the night neck pain-free Gently stretch and relieve your shoulder muscles, while supporting […]

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Posture Pump vs. Inversion Table – What’s Better for Spine Decompression?

As you probably know, both the posture pump and the inversion table are designed to decompress your spine. However: What’s better for neck pain, or Sciatica, or a herniated disc: Posture Pump or inversion table? In this post you’ll find all the differences between the posture pump and the inversion table, to help you decide […]

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