The Best Posture Helper to Correct Your Sitting Posture

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Slouching is a hard-to-kill habit.

Most of us have been slouching our way to graduation, and since old habits die hard, we keep slouching at work, at home and for decades – until our back and neck have their revenge.

The revenge includes horrible back and neck pain, knee pain, tingling of the hands and fingers and a general achy feeling all over our body – all the time.

The Wrong Way to Correct Your Sitting Posture

Although back posture braces can bring instant relief from posture related back pain, using them for more than a couple of hours a day (and for prevention) will eventually make your back pain worse, my friends.

Using a posture back brace will cause, sooner or later, weakening and atrophy of your core muscles. When a back brace supports your spine instead of your back muscles, they become weak.

The result is a great posture while you sit at your desk, but a herniated disc next time you bend over to lift a pencil.

The Best Way to Correct Your Sitting posture is by retraining your body to maintain good posture.

And Here’s the New and Simple Way to Correct Your Sitting Posture

LUMOback belt & app

This new wearable gadget is such a brilliant idea, yet it’s so simple that we wonder how no one has thought of it before.

The LUMOback is a new wearable sensor and smart phone app that provides feedback on your posture and movement.

No, it doesn’t scream at you when you slouch, it gently vibrates and reminds you to sit up straight like your mom always told you.

The device looks like a belt, which is completely unnoticeable under clothing, and comes with an app to track daily movements to inspire improved posture and more mobility.

How Does it Work?

Once you download the app, it automatically links with the device in range. You create an account, and the app will have you perform a few tasks, such as walking and sitting, to calibrate.

lumo app

(The LUMOback is available on the iPhone 4s and 5, iPad 3 and 4, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th Generation)

The belt will vibrate when your posture falls out of line, and you keep the app open next to you, it will feature a happy green stick figure that mimics you as you walk, sit, lie down, etc. When you slump, the green figure will turn into a sad orange stick figure, and possibly red, if you’re really really bad.

If you have a vibrating phobia, don’t worry. You can adjust the intensity of vibrating, depending on how strict you’d like your teacher LUMOback to be.

The LUMOback keeps an ongoing score. For example, I started out with a score of 45, and by the next way my score went up to 80. Made my mom proud.

Do You Really Need a Fancy Device to Help You Sit Properly?

I don’t know about you, but we here have little time (or motivation) to do those posture exercises, and our assistant has refused to sit next to us and smack us every time we slump at our desk (we did offer a raise, didn’t help).

So yes, this little sensor is by far the simplest and most effective way to retrain yourself to proper sitting posture and preventing future back pain.

And – this is not the only use for this cool gadget: When synced with your compatible iOS device, LUMOback will keep track of your daily activities like steps taken, time spent sitting, calories burned, and even your sleep habits.

One Warning though: You may find yourself having conversations with your annoying little helper. After a few days I realized that I’ve been mumbling stuff like “leave me alone, I’m trying to write an article about you!”, or “Not now man, I’m just bending over to get a coffee cup!”

The bottom line – The LUMOback is worth every cent of its 150$ price and this is your chance to get rid of your posture related pains and aches for good.

What do you think? Is this a good way to correct your sitting posture or do you know of a better way?

To your health and happiness,

Back Pain Relief Products Team

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